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At CBS, we make blinds for builders… and we do it well. In fact, we specialise in the building industry – we don’t (and won’t) deal directly with the public simply because we understand builders and their deadlines so well. We make it our mission to complete every project on time every time so there is no hold up on our clients getting paid for a job well done.

CBS has a dedicated 1300 number especially for our clients to use so they can liaise with our installation team as required, but because our expertise allows us to streamline our processes, minimal builder involvement is needed. Builders appreciate this because it allows them to stay focussed on the rest of the things they need to do in order to achieve a timely handover.

Have a look at the video and process below for more information about the CBS difference.

color selection

 How the builder engages CBS...

 EMAIL copy of plans to CBS

 Receive back quote and product and colour recommendations

 ACCEPT quote

 EMAIL purchase order to CBS

 SITE SUPERVISOR liaises with CBS for check measure and installation

 SITE SUPERVISOR signs off on completion of works

 HANDOVER to client and receive full payment



How CBS liaises with the builder...

 Receive building plans

 Prepare quote

 Develop product and colour recommendations

 Submit quote and product/colour schedule

 Receive purchase order

 Establish approximate need by date for product installation

 Check stock levels for order

 Liaise with Site supervisor for readiness of building for accurate measure for the finished product.

 Prepare factory worksheet with approximate required by date.

 Manufacture products

 Liaise with Site supervisor for finished state of building prior to product (blinds) installation

 Install blinds

 Advise Site supervisor of completion of job

 Submit invoice based on purchase order


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